Under the Most Severe Operating Conditions
Tests Prove AMSOIL Greases Offer Superior Protection

AMSOIL synthetic greases were recently included in a series of tests designed to determine how different greases perform under normal and severe operating conditions. The tests were conducted by an independent grease company and included four competitors' greases. Permatex Super Lube, Mobil 1 Grease, Lubriplate 1200-2, and Mystic SX-6 were tested along with AMSOIL Series 2000 Racing Grease, Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease, and Synthetic Heavy-Duty Grease.
    The tests are designed to measure performance under a wide range of operating conditions. The operating environments produced during testing simulate the conditions found in contemporary industrial and automotive equipment. As manufacturers design equipment that operates under greater stress, lubricants, like greases must demonstrate the ability to resist failure.
    Manufacturers of industrial and automotive equipment continue to test the limits of current lubricants by designing machines which operate at higher loads, higher speeds, and higher temperatures. These changes in design can reduce the strength of moving parts in equipment and increase the need for high quality lubrication. Greases must stay in the place they are needed and provide extra lubricant film thickness between moving parts. This extra film thickness reduces wear and friction and keeps equipment operating at peak performance.
    Testing was conducted using an SRV testing machine and followed Test Method ASTM D 5707. The testing involves the application of pressure on a small steel ball which is being spun on a steel disk. As the pressure and temperature are increased, the ball develops wear scars similar to the scars developed on a four-ball wear test for oils. The protection provided by each grease can be measured by the number and size of the scars left on the ball. Two separate testing protocols were used. Passing or failing was determined by wear scar size and a maximum acceptable friction limit.
    The first test involved less pressure, slower speeds, less heat and was conducted for a shorter amount of time. This test was intended to simulate normal operating conditions for most machinery. The fully synthetic competitors,
Permatex Super Lube and Mobil 1, were both on the brink of failure by the end of the first test. Mystic SX-6, Lubriplate 1200-2, and the three AMSOIL Greases all performed well.
    The second series of tests simulated more severe operating conditions. The graph illustrates the results
of the second series of tests. This test featured higher pressure, higher temperatures, faster speeds and lasted for a longer time period. Permatex Super Lube and Mobil 1 were unable to maintain an acceptable level of friction and failed the test. The semi-synthetic Mystic SX-6 could not withstand the hotter, faster, and more heavily loaded conditions and also failed the test. The Lubriplate grease, which is a lithium complex mineral oil grease, did maintain an acceptable co-efficient of friction, although its ability to prevent wear suffered. All three AMSOIL greases provided a superior level of friction reduction and protection. Even though it passed the severe series of tests, the Lubriplate grease was unable to prevent wear as well as the AMSOIL greases. During the second series of tests, the Lubriplate grease developed wear scars at 38,000 psi of friction. The AMSOIL greases didn't develop wear scars until much later at, 42,800 psi of friction. Additionally, the tests indicated that the wear in the Lubriplate grease began at the start of the second test. This could mean wear in machinery would begin as soon as conditions became severe.
    The overall performance of the
AMSOIL greases was excellent. They provided superior protection and friction reduction under both normal and severe operating conditions. The AMSOIL greases can be counted on to remain in the places that they are needed and to provide stable overall lubrication in even the most severe service conditions. A small scar under the conditions maintained in these tests could mean a much larger problem in any industrial or automotive application. Bearing and component wear is one of the chief causes of equipment failure. The costs associated with repair and replacement of bearings and machine components can be avoided by providing machinery with the necessary lubrication to avoid excessive friction. These tests prove once again that AMSOIL greases are the best way to protect and prolong the life of industrial and automotive equipment.